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1 4 2-B THE PLAIN DEALER, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1993 Lorain County issues, candidates tes meet deadline Following are the filings for the May election from yesterday's 5 deadline in Lorain County (asterisk denotes incumbent): COUNTYWIDE 0.25-mill renewal and 0.1-mill inline A. crease, five years, 9-1-1 service. COMMUNITIES AMHERST Auditor: James J. (R). Treasurer: Kathleen M.

(D), Eugenia Lynn Yingling (R). Council President: John G. Hig. (D). Council-at-Large (Elect 3): Wayne A.

(D), Joyce S. (D), Robert A. (R), Linda K. Rush (R). Ward 1: Harvey L.

Gouchnour (D). Ward 2: Nancy Lee (D). Ward 3: No one filed. Ward 4: David C. (D), John W.

Mishak (D). AVON 2-mill replacement levy, five years, street maintenance and repair. Police check into The man declined the offer. drive. He then called police.

TODAY'S PROFILE Spanish student Curtis Kovach finds his niche I Age: 25. working in China 1 Grad15 Curtis Kovach enjoyed Spanish so uated much while in high school that he from Normajored in the language in college mandy and spent three years in Spain. High So how did he end up on a plane School in to China, not knowing a word of Parma Chinese? and Ohio Kovach said it was the chance of a State Unilifetime. English Kovach at the learned Nanjing of a job teaching. versity.

Said he plans to remain in versity in China in the fall of 1991 while completing his master's degree China for several years and in international management at the hopes to move to World Food American Graduate School of Interna- Program headquarters in tional Management in Phoenix. He Rome. took the job. When his teaching stint ended in Has made many close June 1992, he spent six weeks at the friends in China. "They are Beijing Language Institute under- genuinely generous, kind peogoing intensive studies of Chinese.

At ple," he said. that time, he received an offer to teach business and marketing at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, a job he fice of 21 people and handles the still holds. budget and purchasing. The World Today, Kovach, who is now fluent. the Food Program such organizes projects for in Chinese, also is finance and ad- Chinese, as building irrigaministrative officer for the United Na- tion canals and dams, and pays the workers in food, he said.

tions' World Food Program in Beijing. "I really enjoy working for the U.N. Kovach, of Seven Hills, recently re- because you feel like you are doing .18 turned months home in for China. a visit "It is after a bit of spending a something good for the community and the country," Kovach said. culture shock," he said.

He said the major differences beWhen asked what he missed most, tween China and the United States Kovach said, "Mexican food and the are the sheer number of people in ability to move around freely and China and the simplicity of the drive." Chinese lifestyle. In his U.N. job, he manages an of- Karen Farkas NEWS BRIEFS American Cancer Society to hold annual ball LORAIN The Lorain County Unit of the American Cancer Society will hold its annual Life Savers Ball at 6 p.m. tomorrow at DeLuca's Place in the Park. Tickets are $100 per couple or $150 per couple for patrons.

Call 324-2211 or 233-5216 for reservations and information. Bank offers seminar on college financial aid ELYRIA PremierBank Trust will hold a college-finance seminar from 8:30 a.m. to noon tomorrow in the annex of its main office, 124 Middle Ave. Various forms of college aid will be discussed. Call 329-8254 for reservations.

PLEASE CONTACT US Business hours for the Lorain news bureau are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Sunday. It is located at 2280 Kresge in the Mayflower Square Shopping Plaza, near the intersection of Ohio 58 and Ohio 254 (Cooper Foster Sheffield Lake Park If you have a news or PD Lorain sports tip, comment or office question, either Vermilion stop in or call us at 282-1100 83 or 1-800-767-2821. Bureau Chief Jim Sweeney 57 Staff Writers Karen Henderson 511 Eaton Steve Hudak 83 252 Molly Kavanaugh Barbara Kingsley Joel Rutchick Scott Stephens 511 301 Hollace Silbiger 18 Sports Writers Jack McDermott Bob Migra Rochester Photographer Ramon Owens Circulation: 344-4600 or 1-800-275-PD46 (in Mentor, 974-2115) Classified Advertising: 344-5555 or 1-800-362-0727 Display Advertising: 344-4352 or toll free 1-800-589-4968 COLUMBIA TWP.

1-mill renewal levy, five years, Southwest General Hospital. 1.5-mill renewal levy, five years, fire department and rescue squad. ELYRIA. Council-at-Large (Nominate. 4 from each party): Maurita J.

(D), William M. Grace (D), Shirley G. (D), Mark S. Hullman (D), Herman M. Larkins Vasi (D), Eric J.

Rothgery (D), Joe Vasi (D), Jo Ann Eichenlaub (R), Wilbert Ray Noble Jr. (R), Daniel B. Collings (R), Leslie Sowl (R), John A. (R). Ward 1: Larry W.

(D), Daniel O. Brannon (R). Ward 2: Margaret H. Huber (R). Ward 3: Charlene K.

Gersak (D), Phillip A. Jones (D), Garry L. Gibbs (R). Ward 4: Anthony R. Keys (D), Roger L.

McFrederick (R). Ward 5: Fitzpatrick (D), Thomas O. Shores (D), Leroy F. Witliams (R). Ward 6: James S.

Patton (D), Gerald W. (R). Ward 7:. E. Kenneth (D), Thomas R.

Curtis (R). bogus phone drive The caller tried again Wednesday, asking the man if he had received his free paper. The man said he did not and again refused to make a nation. He received a third call Wednesday from the same person, who stated he was on his way over to pick up the donation. The man told police he called the newspaper and was told the paper was not involved in the alleged fund LORAIN Treasurer: Phyllis L.

Cullen (D), Lori A. (D), Patricia Ann McCue (D). Council President: John A. (D). Council-at-Large (Elect 3 from each party): Phillip W.

Stern (D), Robert W. (D), Anthony C. Naples (D), George D. (D), Woodrow a W. (R), Timothy C.

Haupt (R), Michael D. Long (R), James A. Sutter (R). Ward 1: Carolyn Y. (D), Clecy Joe Casteel (R).

Ward 2: Kevin Cartmill (D), Sarah E. Leonard Craig Foltin (R). Ward 3: Vinson D. (D), Charles A. Vitelli -(D), Ralph H.

McCue (D). Ward 4: Thomas C. (D). Ward 5: Johnnie L. (D).

Ward 6: Wilfredo (D), Anne Molnar (D). Ward 7: Daniel W. Given (D), James E. (R). Ward 8: Kathy L.

Tavenner (D), Wilfred (D). Ward 9: William V. Flynn (D), Ri1 A 8 4 goberto NORTH RIDGEVILLE Council-at-Large (Elect 3. from each party): Louis Kordish (D), Daniel (D), Richard M. Sweda (D), Frederick C.

(R), Catherine M. (R), Warren W. Blakely (R), Barbara J. Coughlin (R), Marian G. Stafford (R).

Ward 1: Larry (D), Bernadine Butkowski (R). Ward 2: Allen Swindig (D). Ward 3: Gerald R. Morris (D), Roseanne (R). Ward 4: Dennis J.

Schuler (D), Russell A. Friedrich (R). Added 2-mill levy, five years, ambulance and paramedic service. Added 2.4-mill levy, five years, city branch of the Lorain Public Library System. OBERLIN 0.5% income tax renewal, five years, capital improvements.

SHEFFIELD Added 0.5% income tax, continuing, safety forces. SHEFFIELD LAKE (Non-partisan) (No names on primary ballot) Council 1: Joyce E. Ward 2: Gary P. A Ward 3:. Kathleen Ward 4: Robert C.

Maggard, William F. SHEFFIELD TWP. 0.9-mill renewal levy, five years, fire equipment. VERMILION Mayor (Nominate 2): Alex A. Ang(N Elizabeth Sheehe, Earl L.

Tischer, John T. Hale. WELLINGTON Village Council (Elect 4): Allen W. Kimmich (D), Barbara A. (R), Dan E.

(R), David F. (R). Board of Public Affairs (Elect Wilbur (R). MUNICIPAL COURTS AVON LAKE Judge: John F. (D): ELYRIA Clerk: Richard P.

(D). SCHOOLS AMHERST 2-mill replacement levy, five years, renovation and repairs. CLEARVIEW 1-mill replacement levy, five years, capital COLUMBIA 7.9977-mill renewal levy, five years, emergency requirements. ELYRIA reaped expenses 1.4-mill of- levy, Elyria five years, Public cur- Library. FIRELANDS Added 5.9164-mill levy, five years, emergency requirements.

KEYSTONE Added 2.5-mill levy, three years, real estate and permanent. improvements. MIDVIEW Added 8.9-mill levy, three years, current expenses. NORTH RIDGEVILLE Added and renewal 10.153-mill levy, five years, emergency requirements. LAKE Added 7.1-mill levy, continuing, current expenses.

VERMILION Added 7.7-mill levy, continuing, current expenses. LORAIN Police are investigating bogus telephone solicitations by someone who claims to be representing a local newspaper. A 41-year-old W. 14th St. man told police he received a call Tuesday seeking donations for a "Boots for Children" fund-raising drive by the Lorain Morning Journal.

In exchange for a donation, the caller offered the man 20 weeks of free newspapers. Tenant guilty in torching of home By SABRINA EATON PLAIN DEALER REPORTER CHARDON A West Farmington resident pleaded guilty yesterday to arson and insurance fraud for burning down his former Parkman Township home. Gregory A. Bacon, 27, of W. Main entered the plea before Geauga County Common Pleas Judge H.F.

Inderlied Jr. Bacon faces up to four years in prison and $10,000 in fines when he is sentenced in six to eight weeks. Bacon was two payments behind in his $350 monthly rent when his landlord, St. Edward Catholic Church, ordered him evicted by July 31. The fire occurred that day.

Bacon, whose $10,000 bond was continued, declined comment after the procedings. His lawyer, Rodger L. Dixon, said Bacon changed his plea because of the amount of evidence against him. Dixon said Bacon was frustrated that the church neglected to repair wiring at the house. David L.

Fuhry, chairman of Edward's parish council, said the church made "tons" of repairs at the house during Bacon's tenancy and that the place was in fine shape. Fuhry called the plea good news. "It sounds like justice was done," he said. "What a fool to set a house on fire that other people could have used. He didn't pay his rent and he had every opportunity to settle this through the proper channels." Fuhry said whether the building is repaired or razed depends on the settlement the church gets from its surer.

He did not have a damage estimate. Assistant County Prosecutor Dennis M. Coyne said Bacon had a $20,000 insurance policy on the house and that he set the fire himself after offering several people $5,000 to do it for "He asked so many people to burn it down for him that they finally began coming forward," Coyne Bacon had also asked several policemen and firemen how to set a fire 1 and firemen how to set a fire KENNEDY without getting caught, Coyne said. Roped and tow-tied in a Coyne hallway said wall, Bacon poured punched in a fuel hole oil, Jennifer Nelson, 3, of Bath Township, holds tightly to the tow rope as she ascends the "Bambi hill" and ignited it before going on er-: at the Boston Mills Ski Resort in the Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area in Peninsula. She rands in Middlefield in an attempt to was participating in the Tiny Tots ski program yesterday afternoon.

establish an alibi. "We will ask that he go to prison," Coyne said. Girls held in murder plot to stay in custody ELYRIA prosecutor, had opposed the request, March 4 and a hearing on motions The girls were arrested Jan. 20 afThe two junior high school girls she said. for March 19.

ter the alleged plan was foiled by Asaccused of plotting to murder their The girls, ages 12 and 13, are The two Irving Middle School sev- sistant Principal Jacqueline GreenEnglish teacher with a knife will re- charged with delinquency by reason enth-graders are accused of plotting hill. Greenhill had heard rumors of main in custody until their trial. of conspiracy to commit aggravated to attack and kill their English the plot and came into the classroom Yesterday, Judge Joseph Zieba of murder. If found guilty, the girls teacher with a 12-inch fillet knife be- about 15 minutes before the murder Lorain County Juvenile Court re- could be remanded to the custody of cause she had admonished the older was to be carried out. jected requests from the girls' law- Ohio Department of Youth Ser- girl to pay attention in class.

yers that they be released from the vices until age 21. Police said '10 to 15 classmates Zieba placed a gag order on county detention home, said Joyce placed bets totaling $200 on whether case Feb. 4 forbidding lawyers, the Motsch, court administrator. Thomas They face trial April 1 and 2. A pre- the girls would carry out the alleged girls or the families to talk about the Janas, chief assistant Lorain County trial conference has been set for case with reporters.

Celebrity gardens reap awards at annual Home Flower Show By SUZANNE HIVELY anchor Dick Feagler. The garden fea- perennials and annuals grow among up for a garden designed for former PLAIN DEALER GARDEN EDITOR tures a gazebo, a waterfall and a pool. the conifers and rocks, forming a Browns receiver Ozzie Newsome. Slabs of limestone form steps up a blanket of color. The Plain Dealer Cup is a crystal CLEVELAND winding path through the rockery, of Avon was and marble trophy.

It had been won Barnes Nursery of Huron, is which is filled with a variety of conif- Willoway Nurseries for by Tom Demaline of Willoway Nursethe winner of The Plain Dealer Cup ers. first runner for the cup, Channel a gar- 43 ries for the first three years of the in the peer judging competition at den designed for Romona WUAB Robinson. competition. the Cleveland Home Flower Show. Large dogwoods, tall evergreens news anchor Judging in this competition is Barnes designed the winning gar- and rhododendrons serve as the A.J.

Chiancone Landscape Nur- done by the landscapers and growers den for WKYC Channel 3 news backdrop, while an array of alpine sery Design was the second runner- who designed and installed the gardens. But they do not rate their own designs. Each year, designers of the major Loop bus to provide service to home show 5 the gardens on Cleveland the main Convention arena floor Center of and in the lower level Hall also vie CLEVELAND The Outer Loop service costs 50 utes. Saturday hours are from 10:30 for awards in a competition judged The Regional Transit Authority's cents until 7 p.m. After that, the ser- a.m.

to 10:30 p.m. while Sunday the by other professionals in the green Outer Loop buses will carry passen- vice on the northern leg, Center from to Tower the buses run from 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 industry. Nurseries won the bestCity to the Convention Willoway gers from both Tower City Center municipal lot, is free and operates in-show in this competition and Barand the municipal parking lot on S. until 9:30 p.m..

Monday through p.m. nes Nursery won first place. Marginal Rd. to the Cleveland Home Thursday and until 10:30 p.m. on Fri- The Cleveland Home Flower R.J: Stovicek Associates of Flower Show at the Convention days.

milion won second place for a garden Show is paying $8,700 to subsidize created for John Webster of WMJICenter on Lakeside Ave. today On weekends. the Outer Loop is through Feb. 28. free and operates every nine min- the free bus service.

The show runs through Feb. 28. 4 3 3.

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