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THE PLAIN DEALER, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1992 Children, police differ in memories of victim By STEPHEN KOFF 6 PLAIN DEALER REPORTER Halloween was special on Frank Carroll's farm. He would gather up neighbor children and transport them on a hayride to go trick treating, recalled his oldest daughter, Teri Nemeth of Chagrin Falls. Her sister, Kathy Storaasli, likewise: has fond memories of her father, a Renaissance-style man who could do, it seemed, almost anything. "He could fix a car, fly a plane, build a log home," the Chester Township woman said soon after the Lake County Sheriff's Department and Mentor Police Department announced yesterday that a man had been; charged with her father's killing. 5 But there was a violent, angry side to Carroll, too, and it dogged him until he disappeared in early 1980, never to be seen again.

Police yesterday said that Carroll's friend, Larry Schlee, shot the former Lake and Geauga County resident and dumped his body in wooded rural New York state. Carroll's two former wives and four children learned only this week what had really happened to him. For years, police have known about a less pleasant side, one that is documented in public records and interviews in Lake and Geauga counties. For one, Carroll was accused of Larry Schlee in 1979. shooting, the man who is now accused of killing Carroll.

The 1979 charge was pending when Carroll disappeared. For another, there was the kidnapping conviction. Thomas Dewey still can recall the feel of the shotgun pressed against his back the night of Nov. 17, 1972. Dewey, now a with the Geauga County Sheriff's Department, was a deputy and had been called to Carroll's farm in Munson Township.

Phyllis and Frank Carroll were fighting, Dewey said. Phyllis answered the door at the Sherman Rd. home and told Dewey that her husband was getting a gun. Dewey decided to step away from the house. "I took about one and a half steps, and I felt this gun at my back," he said.

"It was a shotgun." Carroll held Dewey at gunpoint for about five minutes before eventually surrendering. He was charged with kidnapping and sentenced to two to 10 years in prison. But Carroll was paroled after less than a year. Police said the domestic nature of the crime and Carroll's otherwise clean record persuaded authorities to release him early. Dogged work by police identifies body By MAGGI MARTIN PLAIN DEALER REPORTER PAINESVILLE For 11 years, aided only by a belt buckle.

engraved with the name "Frank" and an anthropologist's clay model of a face, New York State Police have tried to identify a decomposed body. For three months, Mentor and Lake County officials, following an informant's tip, have searched in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York for Frank M. Carroll, who had been listed as a missing person in 1980. Two weeks ago, after officials in both states combined their efforts, Carroll was identified. And on Wednesday, Larry M.

Schlee was arrested in Mesa, and charged with Carroll's slaying. The local investigation began after an informant had notified Mentor po- Reunion She could only see her baby on a television monitor from her bed at City Hospital as she recuperated from the operation. Her doctor sadly explained Rochelle's illness. When he told Perlik the baby might not live through Easter weekend, she wouldn't accept it. 4 "I said, 'God didn't have me carry her for nine months to take her away from.

Perlik said. How the Carroll case evolved New York Late Ente Erie 90 Pennsylvania Cleveland Ohio 1 Autorties believe Frank Carrol was shot and killed in Leroy Township on February 4, 1980. (2 Carrol's 1975 Dodge Charger was found six months later at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. 3 Anonymous tip in 1989 led authorities to Erie County, where they searched remote wooded areas along 1-90 for Carrot's body. 4 In October 1981, skeletal remains were found in Chautauqua County, N.Y.

Eleven years later, authorities find the link to Carroll. PD Death Eventually, police linked the Carroll case with skeletal remains found Oct. 2, 1981, in Westfield in Chautauqua County, N.Y. New York police said the remains were found by a boy running his dog in a wooded area. The body had been wrapped in a plastic bag, then in a sleeping bag.

Roy Schlee Sr. of Madison said yesterday he was shocked to learn of his son's arrest. "I doubt this very much. He has no criminal record. He's been a great kid all his life.

And at one time, (his son and Carroll) were best of friends," the elder Schlee said. He said his son went to Arizona with a friend to develop a real estate buisness in 1980. Public records in Arizona show Schlee bought a Texaco station in 1983. In 1988, records listed him as sole owner of Arizona Mobile Auto Repair Service in Scottsdale. Neither business is still open.

According to Mentor police reports, case began in 1979 when Carroll hand Schlee, longtime friends and briefly housemates, argued over a woman. But the friendship became strained, and Carroll was asked to leave Schlee's home. Arguments between the two escalated into a gun battle that left Carroll wounded, a 9mm bullet lodged in his chin. According to Mentor police reports, the shooting followed the torching of Schlee's Lincoln Continental in his Hoose Rd. driveway on June 3, 1979.

Carroll appeared at the home the same day, and the two argued again about the woman. Carroll grabbed a rifle and fired at Schlee, who fired back with a 9mm gun, striking Carroll in the chin, police reports said. Carroll was charged with felonious assault with a firearm. Schlee, who claimed he fired in self-defense to lieved she was," Perlik said. On May 10, 1985, Rochelle went home, dressed in a pink chiffon dress with matching bows and booties her father bought for the day the Perliks were unsure would" ever come.

"That was the most wonderful day of our lives," Perlik said. "Here was finally our day." Judy MacClellan, head nurse of the unit, became close with the Perliks while Rochelle was there. She said her job is often emotionally challenging. "But when you see someone like Rochelle, it's worth it," MacClellan said. BUILDERS 14; 4 "The warehouse with everything for your house.

SOUARE MORE WAYS TO SAVE! AMERICA'S ONE STOP RAIN 10" VINYL GUTTER WHITE, BROWN OR CHOCOLATE 10' PVC DOWN SPOUT 5.44 lice that Carroll was killed and his body dumped somewhere near Interstate 90. Detective William Hess worked with Lake County Sheriff's Lt. Larry Green, scouring remote regions along I-90 in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York with a metal detector and making hundreds of calls. When they spoke to New York officials, they learned the New York State Police had spent 11 years trying to solve the killing of a man known to them only as "Frank." John T. Ward, district attorney in Chautauqua County, New York, said anthropologists from Pennsylvania and New York spent weeks reconstructing a clay model face of the unknown Frank based on bone structure in the skull found with other remains in October 1981 in Westfield, N.Y.

Officially identifying Carroll's remains took even more detective work tracing dental records back to When she finally could visit Rochelle, she couldn't see her eyes for eight days. Rochelle was on medication to keep her relaxed and sleeping. "We always touched and talked to her," Perlik said. "I really believed she could hear us." Perlik, her husband, Will, and her sister kept sleepless shifts to make sure someone was with Rochelle day and night. Countless times when they were in the room, Rochelle's monitor would sound and her vital signs would drop.

The nurses would rush out the family. "The fear in their eyes made my the 1950s in Lake and Geauga counties, Greene said. Carroll's dental records were eventually discovered next door to the Sheriff's Department. Schlee was charged yesterday with aggravated murder in the 1981 shooting death of Carroll, 45, of Painesville Township, a former home builder and commercial pilot. Mesa Detective Mark Jones said Schlee was arrested about 4 p.m.

Wednesday outside his motor home after eight police officers surrounded the vehicle at a trailer park. Numerous weapons were found in the motor home, but Schlee was not armed. Jones said Arizona officials traced Schlee from a former Scottsdale address to Mesa through utility records. Schlee was being held yesterday in Maricopa County Jail without bond awaiting an extradition hearing to return him to Ohio. heart beat that much faster," Perlik said.

The doctors and nurses explained the best they could about Rochelle's illness, but much they didn't understand. "One morning the doctor walked by and just shrugged his shoulders as if to say, 'How is this baby Perlik said. Sixteen days after Rochelle was born, Will, 38, finally got to hold her as a present on his birthday. Two days later, Rochelle was moved to a crib nursery unit and doctors began tests to assess if she was' damaged. "In my heart I never really be- 4'18' BOX PLYWOOD INCH OUR LIMBER PRICES ARE INCH DAILY ADJUSTED TO ASSURE YOU INCH PAY THE LOWEST INCH PRICES! TREATED Warranted Warranty that would LUMBER for (See the 1 8 FT 10 5 X6 OUR 2X4 PRICES 2X6 ADJUSTED 2X8 ASSURE 2 10 THE PRICES GUARANTEED FRIDAY, OCT.

2, THRU TUESDAY, OCT. 6, 1992 WILSON MILLS MAYFIELD PO HIGHLAND HEIGHTS 6235 WILSON MILLS RD. AT 1-271 473-0222 MONDAY SATURDAY: 1 protect himself and the woman, was not charged in the incident. Carroll never appeared in Mentor Municipal Court, so a warrant was issued for his arrest. Both police and family theorized Carroll fled the state in 1980 to avoid prosecution on the felonious assault charge, because he had already served jail time for kidnapping at gunpoint a Geauga County deputy sheriff in 1972.

Chamar said Carroll's family just recently told the Sheriff's Department that Carroll's car was recovered at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport six months after he disappeared. Although the death occurred more than 12 years ago, there is no statute of limitations on murder, said Lake County Prosecutor Steven C. LaTourette. He said that, if convicted, Schlee faced a possible life in prison Hospital "Ninety to 95 percent of the people that come through the hospital are picked up by case managers in the community. The rationale is to make the hospital more efficient and to maximize the human resources available to the hospital." The dismissed employees include executives, therapeutic health workers and maintenance workers.

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IN WESTWOOD CTR. 333-7300. A.M. to 6:00 P.M. LARRY M.

SCHLEE: Indicted secretly on Monday on a charge of aggravated murder. because the death penalty was not in effect in 1980 when Carroll died. dled is unclear. Hibbs said some of those with about two years or less to go before retirement would be offered full retirement packages and benefits. A few may be reclassified, while others may work with the SOS program at slightly lesser pay, he said.

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